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China International General Aviation Convention 2009 (CIGAC 2009), organized by Civil Aviation Administration of China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province in China Aviation Industrial Base (CAIB) Fall 2009.

Scandinavian Airshow was the only from Scandinavia who got the honour to represent itself at this air show with two of its aircrafts CATWALK and WASP.

There was an exited Scandinavian Airshow team who left Sweden for this unforgetable trip and amazing airshow. From the team was airshow pilots Jacob Holländer and Sus J Hedén. Technicans were Benedikt Olafsson and Henrik Lund. Skycats Cerina Wittbom, Lisa Henriksson, Jenny Fransson and Hella Stening. General Manager Edit Holländer organized all administration, contracts, customs, freight, contact with media and everything between.:-)

As we arrived to Xi'an we were welcomed by Mr. Ji Chun Tao, (English name Reuben) our contact and main organizer of the air show. We stayed at Xi Fei Hotel in Xi'an, a nice 5 star hotel. After a long trip and some rest our mission has started. Three days of training and final adjustment before the show.

The airshow took place on a brand new airport. Everything was newly built. During the time our technicans assemled CATWALK there was an hangar built up above it!

First day of the show the queue was so long that it was impossible for everybody to enter. Enormous hotair balloons with fantastic shapes of a tulip bouquet, birthdaycake and a santa claus were first to be seen. After a spectacular opening ceremony the show was officially open. The Chinese Air Force performed a great show with different military aircrafts.
Scandinavian Airshow's first out was Jacob flying WASP and the crowd was amazed and impressed by the show!

When CATWALK took off with Sus in cockpit with Cerina on the top wing and Jenny on the left wing the cheering went high! The girls had allready caught all attention by playing and running as Skycats among the public before getting on the airplane. Barrelrolls and loops were the closing highlights before landing. Taxing in front of the crowd the applause wouldn't stop neither the photoshooting. Posing, smiling and enjoing the time to the fullest a proud team of Scandinavian Airshow could be more than happy with this first show day!

Next day the smog was thicker over Xi'an and we had to fit the flying program due to safety reasons. Jacob flew WASP with the same amazing technique and Sus flew CATWALK with Hella on the top wing and Lisa on the left wing. More posing, autograph writing and photoshooting until the showday ended. We were tired at the end of the day but satisfied with a safely and proffessionally executed show appreciated by the public and the air show organizers.

The following two days we were spending with disassembling our aircrafts. We got copies of the last two days' Chinese press from Reuben with Scandinavian Airshow on the first page for most of them. Also the airshow was noticed on many TV channels in China and even internationally. It was a success! Nearly 120 000 visitors came to Xi'an Airshow during those two days!

After completed air show and packing the aircrafts back to our containers we were heading even more adventures. Mr Reuben took us to the downtown of Xi'an and outside of the city to visit Terracotta Soldiers and Horses Museum with an own guide. The day before leaving we flew to Beijing. There we visited the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City. All sightseeing were breathtaking and very unforgetable.

The food was also something to remember, great variety and amazing new flavours. We all learned how to use the chopsticks with ease. Often Reuben took us to different restaurants to try new Chinese culinary delicacy. New favourite dishes were explored and its not even close to Chinese food in Sweden...

Shopping! Who can go to China without shopping? :-) Letting Skycats loose and we immediatelly got troubles to get everything fit in our suitcases. We were lucky enough to find a local seamstress and could order custom made Shanghai dresses. Typical Chinese style with fantastic genuine silk and design.

Hereby we from Scandinavian Airshow thank Mr Reuben (Mr Ji Chun Tao) for inviting us and giving us such a great time! We also thank the organizators and the Chinese CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for a great cooperation. We hope to come back to China for more exciting air shows soon.

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