Thursday, 20 October 2011


From Xi'an to Beijing with China Eastern A300 then from Beijing to Stockholm with Ari China with B777. Time to say goodbye to this adventure.

Lots of memories from this air show. One of the strongest is the horrible accident when the Chinese military aircraft crashed the first day of the air show. The navigator has ejected himself in the very last minute and survived but the pilot was killed in the accident. The aircraft crashed in the middle of a huge field appr. 1 km from the air field. No one in the public was injured.

The investigation of the accident has started immediately. It turned out that the aircraft didn't belong to the air force but to the testing department.

The positive memories luckily are many. I have met old and new friends. It was great to meet the American team again from Rich Incredible Pyro and specially Jurgis Kairys and his family and team.

It was really fun to have "Bengan" on this trip as WASP pilot. His earlier experience as an air show pilot in Team 60 could be noticed. It was nice to have Elin Wiens as a wingwalker too on this trip. This was her first air show performance. I am lucky to have such a fantastic team around me.

A big thank you to my wife Edit who made this blog work. Blog, FB are blocked sites in China. Without her you couldn't have been able to follow our adventure.

The air show season is now finished. What's next?

Many exciting things are coming up! :-) Of course I will keep you updated. Thousand thanks for following us. Hope that you enjoyed being part of this adventure. See you soon again!

Best regards,
Jacob Holländer

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


After dinner yesterday we have been invited by one of the volunteers in the air field and his friend to a place where they are building airplane models. They mostly build military airplanemodels. They are extremely interested in all aviation-related stuff.

I, Hella and Jurgis team accepted the invitation and visited these guys. This place is located in a dark back street.

Jurgis kept them entertained with stories during the was really nice. He told them about the time - among others - when he was a test pilot on Sukhoi and flew SU-27....

It was really fun to see that there was a place for these guys with the same interest to gather, talk about flying and building airplane models. It reminded me of Sweden in the 50's.

On our way home we stayed and took a beer with the local people.

Today we have finished the packing and loading the containers, we went out and bought some presents to our families and even a birthday cake for Stenis who has his birthday today.

We even tried some electric motorcycles for fun and visited a local fruit-and vegetable market.

Tomorrow we are flying back to Sweden. Time is like water - as Benny always says: it runs away...

Center for aviation lovers

Let the race begin ;-)

Jurgis as Red Bull pilot

Birthday cake is being ordered
Here it is - Stenis birthday cake

In Chinese daily press - again :-)

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Python/Wasp container is ready. There is a little work left on packing Catwalk. Hard and intensive work in warm weather.

Sus, Elin and Bengan have flew to Beijing today and leaving for Sweden tomorrow.
Our little insect friend was back again. Sweet little fellow.

We had a great dinner together with Jurgis Kairys and his family. As usual - fantastic good food. Nothing to compare with what you can eat in Europe under the name of "Chinese food".
See pictures below from today.

Benny satisfied with the packing

Stenis taking a little break
during the long packing day

Time for lunch


Our little friend came back today

Lovely dinner - healthy food