Friday, 22 October 2010

Heading Home!

I have got a chinese name - Jakabo :)
Well on My way home to Sweden and its time summerize.
This is without any doubt the best trip I have made, so intense and
So many crazy memories, good flying good old friends and new friends.
The fundamental thing with airshow is safety always know the
aeroplanes limitation but also your own limitation if you don't -you
will die. Ofcourse everything can happen like everything else in life.
I do belive we are really good to give positiv feed back in the team
conserning everything to maintain the standard and make thinks better.
We are joking alot and we try to do that all the time we are working
hard it makes it so much easier.
Our mission here was to entertain people but also I felt that we
were representing Sweden and my company in the field of aviation so we
had an importen roll to be very proffessinol.
When doing airshows and specially abroad like China you need to be
very patience, have understanding and try to understand and listen and
have an open heart..take time to talk with fans is importen even
though you are so tired you must put up with a smile in your face, I
tried when I shook hands with fans I always look in there eyes to give
them and me a splitsecond of a moment, we tried to make all people
around us happy and I'm shore we had à great success with that, and
that's most importen.

I have been flying since I was borned and I can still remeber when I
was around 9 years old and my father woke me up early sundays mornings
and driving with car out to Stockholm Arlanda were his first airshow
aeroplane a Pitts S2A SE-GTX was based and we flew- me in front seat
and daddy in aft seat, to diffrent airshow like Silver Hill in Klippan
Everytime when we arrived we made some basic aerobatic over Silver
Hill before landing and If I had not eat breakfast I always throw up
after landing :).
On the return flight I always had the chance to practise rolls and if
they were ok My father was scratching From the aft seat with his feet
on the side of my body..:) it felt good.
Without him we have never been were we are today.

It feel great to come home.
So what is next?
Well we will see ;) hope you enjoy my blogg and you are able to follow
me on the next adventure.


Benny- U rule!
Hella- Hey Gopro girl;)-good work!
Emma-good work LL;)
Jenny-sticker pro ;)good work!
Lisa- blogg & FB girl..thanks! Good work!
Stenis- good work! No batterie No fuel lets try to start the engine
again ;)
Nicklas-good work! Nice to let me know you.
Sus- good work! see U in the ditch! ;)
Edit- always there on my right side to make it right..x. ;)

Catwalk- My handsome tractor;)
Wasp- Still a beuty. And wonderfull and smoth to fly.
Python- Friends even though you rape me everytime we fly ;)

"Remeber that all pilot can fly fast but but not all pilot can fly slow"
Garbor Varga

Over and out From me and the Scandinavian airshow team this time.


Airshowpilot Jacob Holländer

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A fantastic day in Bejing..

The city is like all other big cities. It's so nice to have been able to see other part of this huge country.
We visited the Great Wall- a great experience!
Really LOT of steps at the Great Wall. It is amazing how they managed to build it.
After the Great Wall we visited the Silk Market in the city and I bought same someones ;)..
Ended up at hard rock café - Nicklas has been here before so he found the way. A really nice ending.
Well we will depart tomorrow with Air China to Stockholm. It feels great to come home!!

Good bye to the Chinese family who lives in the hangar used.....

Yesterday, when we were about the leave the hangar we decided to give the poor family some money since we have been in there home "hangar" for so many days and also because they are so poor and we wanted all the best for their 6 month old baby..Chinese people don't take money as a gift very easy so I gave the grandmother the money and pointed on the baby and showed that the money was for the little boy to buy food and clothes for.
The baby's father came and was very touched...he had tears in his eyes and gave us all a hug..We think we helped them a lot.
Well, we are tired but happy, mission is completed and today is a new exciting day..we had early pickup at the hotel 04:20 and flew from Xi'an to Bejing to visit the Great Wall. Write you more after the visit....

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ready with packing - heading to Beijing tomorrow

The containers are finally packed after 12 hours job today with only 30 minutes break. Tomorrow morning 5 am we are heading to Beijing. Hopefully we will have some free time to visit the Great Wall before we fly home on Thursday.
Thanks everybody for the great work! Attach some pictures from today.

Monday, 18 October 2010

pictures from today....

the banquett on Saturday

Soon ready with the dissemble

Well we start to get pretty good in disassembling the aircrafts - it starts to get a routine. Nice to check the aircrafts with critical eyes when dissemble.

We will finish up tomorrow.

Really bad air today 2km visibility in smog…we were reminded how lucky we were during the air show days concerning weather.

Tomorrow Hella is leaving us to fly up to Beijing. She will then join a friend there and travel with the Trans Siberiren railway to Sweden. A 2 weeks trip. Hella has made a great job here as wingwalking chief and team member. We will miss her the last day and whish her all the best on here adventure trip back home.

At the banquet 2 days ago we had a really nice experience. We handed over a big Swedish Dala horse to the mayor of the city. He was singing a song for us for eternity friendship which was very nice...they told us that his brother was the commander in chief for Chinese arm forces so it can be nice to know him if we get in trouble here;)

The chief of the Chinese CAA got one Dala horse to as well as the organizer of the air show.

A few ago I bought a heat plate here which you can use to cook food on however what I did not know was that lots of kitchen stuff was included and I'm not able to bring that home so today we gave all that to the poor family which lives in the hangar in the tent, with a small baby. They were very happy :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010


More pictures of the last air show day in Xi'an...

We ended the 3th day with total sucess!!

I, Sus and the girls have signed hundreds of autographs and the audience were crazy. When I jumped out of Python after display and walked beside the crowd line waving in my parachute to shake hands and take photos with thousands of people I had to move forward all the time because the crowd was breaking the fence. The police trided to hold them back but sometimes it can be a bit to much specially when the children starts to cry because their parents are so excited... We made a huge sucess and I'm so proud of my whole Scandinavian Airshow team...also the one who is back home like Bosse, Mirco, Allan, Mike and my wife Edit who makes this possible, it is so much work and many years of hard work behind this sucess! It's so important to have a great team and the only thing that is better beyond having a great experience is to be able to share it with someone else. We are totally exhausted, but we are all so happy even if all was so tired after the display we managed to disassemble the WASP and its ready to be put into the container tomorrow...

For me it feels that the last 2 years we have learnt so much. I have learnt not to worry about small things when we peforme and I'm so much more relaxed. It might be because I have so good people around me for support and that makes me comfortable and that we are getting a really good experience travling the world for air shows.

Tomorrow is a new day and after dinner same sleep an continue to disassemble the rest of the aircrafts. The plan is to go to Beijing on 20th hope to see the Great Wall and back to Sweden Stockholm the 21th.

The body hurts of lot of G:s but a fantastic day.. Life is great!! :))))

Saturday, 16 October 2010

More pictures....

Pictures from air show day No 2 in Xi'an

2nd say of air show in Xi'an is done- all went great

Early pick up and police escort in the bus from the hotel to the airport.
What a beutyful day. Blue sky! Everything went great! The organizer extended the flight time to 15min on each airplane. My Python display is 9:30 sec so I had to adapt. Put 20L of extra fuel and after take off I made a stading 8 up to 3000ft with smoke and then just played around on altitude with low G max +4,5G until my fuel was down on calculated display fuel and then I started my routine. I felt a bit tired in my body today so I did not push to much G +8 -5. It use to be +9 -6. I put focus to make same manoverus as good as I could like 45 degree knifedge climbing and the tailslide..the hover vent very well. All aircrafts works great!
This evening the local goverment is inviting us on a banqet..we usually have banquette the last day but well so be it.
Hella has been working really hard today not just to take care of here roll as wingwalker and Skycat but also to get the best picture with the cameras..lot of photos today with the audiance. They love to take photos on us and Sus is great! He plays with the children police and the chinise military in a good matter..:)
Well last day tomorrow and its important to stay in focus.

Friday, 15 October 2010

pics pics pics

Some more pictures...

Jacob is allowed to fly after the mandatory alcohol test ;-)

Opening ceremony

Benny approvs for flight

Pilot alcotest

250 million expected viewers on CCTV

What a great airshow day for us!

Everything when according to plan! Great weather, blue sky and around +25C. All planes worked perfect! Hella and Emma made a great job as well as the rest of the team. It always feels so safe & good to have Benny, the best technician in the world and whit his experiance on my right hand side he is outstanding. Hella is making a great work to install the cameras on the aircraft! We got really cool film inside the Python as well outside on the wingwalkers on the Catwalk. This evening Hella sends today's film material to CCTV the biggest TV channel in China. They will transmit it via satelite to Bejing this evening and the organizer think that over 250 million people will see it!!!
Made a great sucess with the audiance as well today and the local organizers shook my hand after the day. They were very feels good :)
So 1 day of 3 complete. Benny and Nicklas made the aircraft ready for tomorrow fuel, oil, smoke oil and battery charging..checked that everything stay on place aswell as leaks. It is nice always to be ready as much as possible the day before if times permits. The team are reloading with nice food and a good night sleep and we are doing our best to keep up the good work tomorrow.