Friday, 30 September 2011


A few days and China here we come! at least I  Benny and Stenis rest of the team will join us  a week later. We will travel with AirChina from Stockholm-Beijing then domestic to Xián.
I have start to pack my suitcase slowly, its a must or I will forget something.

Below some picture on different air show´s mainly China and the joy to be part of this adventure, also a link on one of our films on Youtube.
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Me and a small fan

Big spiders on the apron

                                                              Benny in action

Benny working 

Me under Python

Edit´s birthday in China 2010

Jenny in Chinese gym

Sus and something little


Me and Stenis working on the belly tank on Catwalk

Cool Sus


Emma with a super small fan

Benny is recharge his batterie

                                                   Cool wall clock

                                                       For Her

Thursday, 29 September 2011


During the summer we made some packing upgrade on the 2   40 ft containers. Me and Bo build new wood boxes for the tailsection of Python & Wasp. I also bought new big aluminum boxes for spareparts etc. We also decided to have a system were you can handle all things except airframe and wings with a handtruck. Lot of work but it was worth it. A few pictures below of the result and packing. This was in July, we are always planning it will take 3 month (inkl custom clearance) to ship the containers from Sweden to China with train boat and truck

Elec and airstation 

Aluminium boxes

Bosse in packing action

Sus in action

Packing in Python and Wasp container

Size matter!

Well it was a new packing this time with new boxes etc and I am very excited to open the containers, as I have wrote in earlier blog its heart stopping to open the containers after they have traveled so far.  

Cool kitchen watch 

For all skydivers following us

Cool mug

For here
Iphone 4 Case

For here

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Well during Al Ain aerobatic show 2011 I was influence by Red Bull and there perfect toolboxes, so I took the decision to do something about my 2 big aircrafts toolboxes which are traveling in the 2 containers.
So back home I start to organize and plan the new boxes. I thought it would take a few days, it took 2 weeks! but it became really good and it was worth it!
A few picture below on the result. 

                                           Catwalk toolbox 

Python & Wasp toolbox a mix of inch and mm since the engine in Python is Russian and therefor in mm

 Python & Wasp toolbox

                      We have same special tools made by Benny :-)

There are several reasons to have a organized aircraft toolbox.

1. You really know what you have or what you need.

2. It save time because you don't have to run around in the hangar to find your tools when you are working.
3. Safety reason! After the day is complete and you put all the tools back you can see that nothing is missing and if it is, it might still be in your aircraft and blocking your controls.
4. It fells so nice to start to work the day after with all tools in there gates.
5. It looks cool ;)

Below a few picture on Stenis working on the smoke pods this summer and Claes tuning in the pyrotechnic and a short film which show´s Catwalk effective smoke system. For information We use an environmental friendly smoke it´s actually a type of paraffin. 

 Pitts T-shirt

                                  Iphone 4 Case

For Here

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


The Catwalk has been equipped since it was modified in the early 90´s with pods in the wingtips and tail for smoke and pyrotechnic, however my father Pierre did not use it much, I still wonder why? I think it was different reasons but I think the major reason was lack of time. 2 years ago I decided to start up the system again and with great help from Bosse Söderberg who got the elec viring working and together with pyrotechnic Claes Bonde we made same improvements and the system was back up and running again, this was 2010. Then the Catwalk was out on a world air show tour and it took us actually now summer 2011 to test the new system and it works fantastic! Above you can see some picture taken by Hans Bergren when we´re testing and develop new cool pyro effects. Also smoke pictures during wingwalking training at Ska Edeby outside Stockholm foto taken by Anette Holmberg.
I'm really pleased to be able to offer this new cool show for the Airshow organizer.

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Monday, 26 September 2011


In our goal to always improve safety and to learn from earlier events we have upgraded our fire protection system in Catwalk for our wingwalkers during 2011.
We have mounted 2 halon fire extinguishers in the cockpit on the right hand side and from each of them there is an aluminium tube that leads the halon to firewall fwd and into the Skycats cabin. In the beginning we were thinking to use a foam which could fill the fwd cockpit. To have a foam which protects from heat and fire is a good protection but after some research we found out that no mixing process exists in such a small scale, so we ended up with the halon system which I think will work very good. In the video below you can see a test me and my mecanic Benny executing in an early stage. Big thanks to Benny, Bo Söderberg and Hubie Tolson who helped me with tips and research.

We have also decided that our Skycats will have a frequent brush up in how the system is used.

Besides the wingwalkes, Sus - our CATWALK pilot appreciates that his Grumman aircraft has been upgraded.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Let me introduce the crew for the first show in China 2011:

Scandinavian Airshow consists today of three Airshow pilots

Sus Jan Hedén  on CATWALK (Grumman 164A Ag-Cat) with SKYCATS  aerobatic wingwalking show
Sus is 45 years old he is a glider pilot, parachute pilot, instructor and a really good stick- and rudder pilot which is good when being a wingwalking pilot.
Sus lives with his family outside the city of Borlange in Sweden and his occupation is chief for ATC at Borlange airport.

Bengt "Bengan" Andersson on WASP (Pitts S2B) advanced aerobatic show

Bengan is 48 years old he is former air force pilot and he was also a team member of the Swedish Air Force display team TEAM60. Today he is working as an airline captain RJ100 and lives outside the city of Malmö in the south part of Sweden with his family.

Me, Jacob Holländer on PYTHON (Pitts 12S) freestyle aerobatic show.
I am 39 years old and I am the owner of Scandinavian Airshow and I work as an airline captain and instructor on B738 in the weekdays. I live outside Stockholm with my family.

Scandinavian Airshow consists today of six wingwalkers. 

Two of them will join the first show in China. They are:

Hella Sténing has the responsibility of being the Chief Wingwalker in the team. She has a background as parachutist and she loves new challenges. During the weeks she works as a riding instructor and she also runs her own firm. Hella likes travelling around the world and exploring new things. 

Elin Wiens  is 25 years old and lives in Helsingborg. She spends most of her time where she likes it the most, in the sky! She has been skydiving since 2005, she works as a flight attendant and is a wingwalker for Scandinavian Air Show.

Our technician crew consists of four technicians 

Two of them will join to China.

Benedikt Olafsson  is 64 years old and is Scandinavian Airshows "key technician". He also works for Affe Eriksons Automekanik at Johannisberg airport in Vasteras. Benny is from Island and moved to Sweden 1991. 

Magnus "Stenis" Stenlund is 39 years old and is a technician within Scandinavian Airshow. He works as a teacher and instructor for Aviation College of Sweden in the city of Vasteras.

We also have our ground crew. 

Edit Holländer is one of them.

Edit Holländer, my wife and mother of our two children Linus and Greta is 36 years old and running Scandinavian Airshow together with her husband Jacob. She is a master of economics and works also as an entrepreneur and running a life style travel agency YouNik Tours ( where she takes Swedes to Budapest in Hungary for spa, workout, stress-handling, wine-tours, golf and conferences. Edit’s strength in the company is her experience and knowledge in business development, marketing, promotion, her goal oriented attitude, and her positive energy.

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