Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Having our own bus to the airbase today :-) we took care of the smoke barrels which arrived yesterday and packed 2 of them in one of the container, prepered Python for engine run and run it before lunch, everything worked perfect. After lunch same small adjustment and I test flew it. It was a bit heavy on right wing so we will do same adjustment tomorrow otherwise I´m happy. Really nice to see the other them practise with there SU26/31, nice people and I learn a lot. So beutyful in the sunset, everybody talked about yesterday when I made some loops and barrel rools with the catwalk with heavy smoke in the sunset over the dessert- it looked nice.
Well tomorrow I´ll continiue to fly Python and Wasp and we are waiting for the rest of the team to arrive tomorrow night! it will be nice to see them. Another nice thing today is that the shipment with the Pyro is on its way!! :-)

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