Sunday, 30 January 2011

A kind of a crazy day.

Intresting day! The royalty (VIP) was landed at the base today when we were refueling the military told us that all have to walk into the hangar and wait for security reason.
Well later I did fly Wasp very basic and soft and Sus flew Catwalk and I was suppose to fly Python I was taxing down to holding and waited there for about 30 min for a jet team to complete there show. 30 min in really hot temperature is no good- finally the fuel get to hot I got vapor lock so the engine quit I decided to pull it back to the hangar and cool it down after lunch i restarted it and everything was working great. I learned to use the elec fuel pump when running for a long time on the ground in hot climate.
After lunch I had a new slot and I flew Python it worked great and it felt good. Started to push same G today it works and feel fine.
Nice dinner tonight with friends and tomorrow we fly again :-)

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