Friday, 21 January 2011

Pick up at 08:00 and went to the airbase. Today friday is weekend in UAE, people have there weekend friday and saturday and start to work sunday- as we start to work monday so it was not many people in the hangar. Have been raining today and temperature around +20C perfect weather condition to work in the hangar. Python is almost ready, wheel pants, change tailwheel (it was really worn out since china)we have 4 spare :) and fillet to go, worked on Wasp tail section lot of work took many hours. On the way from the airbase to the hotel we could see many 4 WD cars and buggy driving in the dessert looked fun, also that have been raining the sand get more solid and its more easy to drive "I think";) Well hope to complete both aircraft tomorrow to get started with Catwalk on monday..

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