Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Prop was put on Catwalk during the morning & Benny & Magnus change the right wheel on the Catwalk the wheel started to close in to limit so it was changed. Test flights after lunch on both Wasp and Catwalk and they worked great so no adjustment needed on the rigging?! :-).. what a beutyful weather today- blue sky no wind and +25C really nice to fly over the dessert..so cool!. We filled up Python with full tank no lekeage so tomorrow will ground run to check the engine is ok and after I´m planning to make 2 flights with Python and one with Wasp. Today my smokeoil arrived from Sweden- 800L 4 barrels :-). Well working hard to get my pyrotechnic smoke I´ll be send as DGR by Emirates from GOT, it have been packed in Märsta outside Stockholm one paper clerance to go and it ready to ship by air cargo.

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