Sunday, 16 January 2011

Well here we fly again for a new airshow adventure! this time in UAE and Al Ain aerobatic show! The show Will be held between 2-5 of februari.
If you around in UAE at that time don't hesitate to visit this amazing airshow.
Me myself, Benny Olaffson and Magnus Holländer is departing today to Dubai with the best airline in the well one of the reason why I think so is that I'm working for them ;)
The 2 containers with Python Wasp and Catwalk arrived to Dubai port the 25 of december From Shangai. 800L of smoke oil and 70 kg of pyrotechnic have also been send to Dubai From Sweden. The time is poaring like water Benny use to say and its thru It feel that we just come back From China.

My goal is to blogg for you everyday from 16 Jan-9 Feb

The Scandinavian Airshow team for Al Ain 2011 is except me:

Edit Holländer: General manager
Benny Olaffson: Technician
Sus Jan Hede'n: Airshowpilot
Hella Stening: Cheif Wingwalker
Emma Alexson: Wingwalker
Lisa Henriksson: Wingwalker
Magnus Holländer: Mechanic
Claes Bonde: Pyrotecnic
Linda Holländer: Ground Crew

I'm really looking fwd to meet All again.

It always feels great to fly off season it gives the spring when you pull out the aircraft in May in Sweden more less "how did I do it now again feeling" also I'm really looking fwd to meat the other team participating in the show..
This is also the first time I bring a pyrotechnician with me -Claes Bonde it Will be really great to work with him and get the Catwalk going with the

Here we go just boarding.:)

Airshowpilot Jacob Holländer

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