Friday, 28 January 2011

Sandstorm today!!

The day started very good -Claes started to work with the installation of the pyro tubes and the girls worked to install their kit on the wing. I flew 2 flights with the Wasp with Hella and Emma to demostrate the force of - G, they liked it a lot. We headed for lunch and when we came back you could see a wall in the horizon, one of the technician from the other team said it was a sandstorm heading our way so we packed everything in the hangar and just when we got the Catwalk in the storm and sand was rolling in over the airbase, really amazing!! The L-39 was up training when the storm came and they just made it to land before it came.The visibility became around 50 m, well hope the storm will end over night so we can continue work & fly tomorrow.

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