Thursday, 29 September 2011


During the summer we made some packing upgrade on the 2   40 ft containers. Me and Bo build new wood boxes for the tailsection of Python & Wasp. I also bought new big aluminum boxes for spareparts etc. We also decided to have a system were you can handle all things except airframe and wings with a handtruck. Lot of work but it was worth it. A few pictures below of the result and packing. This was in July, we are always planning it will take 3 month (inkl custom clearance) to ship the containers from Sweden to China with train boat and truck

Elec and airstation 

Aluminium boxes

Bosse in packing action

Sus in action

Packing in Python and Wasp container

Size matter!

Well it was a new packing this time with new boxes etc and I am very excited to open the containers, as I have wrote in earlier blog its heart stopping to open the containers after they have traveled so far.  

Cool kitchen watch 

For all skydivers following us

Cool mug

For here
Iphone 4 Case

For here

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