Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Well during Al Ain aerobatic show 2011 I was influence by Red Bull and there perfect toolboxes, so I took the decision to do something about my 2 big aircrafts toolboxes which are traveling in the 2 containers.
So back home I start to organize and plan the new boxes. I thought it would take a few days, it took 2 weeks! but it became really good and it was worth it!
A few picture below on the result. 

                                           Catwalk toolbox 

Python & Wasp toolbox a mix of inch and mm since the engine in Python is Russian and therefor in mm

 Python & Wasp toolbox

                      We have same special tools made by Benny :-)

There are several reasons to have a organized aircraft toolbox.

1. You really know what you have or what you need.

2. It save time because you don't have to run around in the hangar to find your tools when you are working.
3. Safety reason! After the day is complete and you put all the tools back you can see that nothing is missing and if it is, it might still be in your aircraft and blocking your controls.
4. It fells so nice to start to work the day after with all tools in there gates.
5. It looks cool ;)

Below a few picture on Stenis working on the smoke pods this summer and Claes tuning in the pyrotechnic and a short film which show´s Catwalk effective smoke system. For information We use an environmental friendly smoke it´s actually a type of paraffin. 

 Pitts T-shirt

                                  Iphone 4 Case

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