Friday, 30 September 2011


A few days and China here we come! at least I  Benny and Stenis rest of the team will join us  a week later. We will travel with AirChina from Stockholm-Beijing then domestic to Xián.
I have start to pack my suitcase slowly, its a must or I will forget something.

Below some picture on different air show´s mainly China and the joy to be part of this adventure, also a link on one of our films on Youtube.
Click on the picture to enlarge.




Me and a small fan

Big spiders on the apron

                                                              Benny in action

Benny working 

Me under Python

Edit´s birthday in China 2010

Jenny in Chinese gym

Sus and something little


Me and Stenis working on the belly tank on Catwalk

Cool Sus


Emma with a super small fan

Benny is recharge his batterie

                                                   Cool wall clock

                                                       For Her

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