Sunday, 25 September 2011


Let me introduce the crew for the first show in China 2011:

Scandinavian Airshow consists today of three Airshow pilots

Sus Jan Hedén  on CATWALK (Grumman 164A Ag-Cat) with SKYCATS  aerobatic wingwalking show
Sus is 45 years old he is a glider pilot, parachute pilot, instructor and a really good stick- and rudder pilot which is good when being a wingwalking pilot.
Sus lives with his family outside the city of Borlange in Sweden and his occupation is chief for ATC at Borlange airport.

Bengt "Bengan" Andersson on WASP (Pitts S2B) advanced aerobatic show

Bengan is 48 years old he is former air force pilot and he was also a team member of the Swedish Air Force display team TEAM60. Today he is working as an airline captain RJ100 and lives outside the city of Malmö in the south part of Sweden with his family.

Me, Jacob Holländer on PYTHON (Pitts 12S) freestyle aerobatic show.
I am 39 years old and I am the owner of Scandinavian Airshow and I work as an airline captain and instructor on B738 in the weekdays. I live outside Stockholm with my family.

Scandinavian Airshow consists today of six wingwalkers. 

Two of them will join the first show in China. They are:

Hella Sténing has the responsibility of being the Chief Wingwalker in the team. She has a background as parachutist and she loves new challenges. During the weeks she works as a riding instructor and she also runs her own firm. Hella likes travelling around the world and exploring new things. 

Elin Wiens  is 25 years old and lives in Helsingborg. She spends most of her time where she likes it the most, in the sky! She has been skydiving since 2005, she works as a flight attendant and is a wingwalker for Scandinavian Air Show.

Our technician crew consists of four technicians 

Two of them will join to China.

Benedikt Olafsson  is 64 years old and is Scandinavian Airshows "key technician". He also works for Affe Eriksons Automekanik at Johannisberg airport in Vasteras. Benny is from Island and moved to Sweden 1991. 

Magnus "Stenis" Stenlund is 39 years old and is a technician within Scandinavian Airshow. He works as a teacher and instructor for Aviation College of Sweden in the city of Vasteras.

We also have our ground crew. 

Edit Holländer is one of them.

Edit Holländer, my wife and mother of our two children Linus and Greta is 36 years old and running Scandinavian Airshow together with her husband Jacob. She is a master of economics and works also as an entrepreneur and running a life style travel agency YouNik Tours ( where she takes Swedes to Budapest in Hungary for spa, workout, stress-handling, wine-tours, golf and conferences. Edit’s strength in the company is her experience and knowledge in business development, marketing, promotion, her goal oriented attitude, and her positive energy.

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