Monday, 26 September 2011


In our goal to always improve safety and to learn from earlier events we have upgraded our fire protection system in Catwalk for our wingwalkers during 2011.
We have mounted 2 halon fire extinguishers in the cockpit on the right hand side and from each of them there is an aluminium tube that leads the halon to firewall fwd and into the Skycats cabin. In the beginning we were thinking to use a foam which could fill the fwd cockpit. To have a foam which protects from heat and fire is a good protection but after some research we found out that no mixing process exists in such a small scale, so we ended up with the halon system which I think will work very good. In the video below you can see a test me and my mecanic Benny executing in an early stage. Big thanks to Benny, Bo Söderberg and Hubie Tolson who helped me with tips and research.

We have also decided that our Skycats will have a frequent brush up in how the system is used.

Besides the wingwalkes, Sus - our CATWALK pilot appreciates that his Grumman aircraft has been upgraded.

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