Saturday, 1 October 2011


During the summer 2011 we have been working on a new communication system between the pilot and our skycats wingwalkers. Like everything else in life communication is the key to success and safety. So me and Bosse start to discuss how the system should work and and what the goal was with the system. We ended up working together with a Swedish company in communication. So Bosse build it and today the system is ready for testing and if time permits the testing will be in China- picture will follow

Below more picture from our airshows adventure, many of the picture is taken by Emma Alexson one of our wingwalkers.

In the end one of our film on youtube.

Click on the picture to enlarge.


                                                           Family who lives in the hangar



Part of the team


me and python


Me and Wasp

Sus & Tang Tian


Emma & The Great Wall

Improvised Wedding at the airshow?

Niklas & Benny refueling

Cool iPhone 4 case for her

                                                                          Cool wall clock

                                                              Cool wall clock for jumpers :-)

                                                                     For her

                                                             Cool mug

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