Thursday, 23 September 2010

Black coffee and progress in assemble

Yesterday morning our guide Selina tried black coffe for the first time at the hotel breakfast -she said it tasted like "traditional chinese medicin" :).. The storm was not so bad so everything was ok upon arrivel to the airport, the positive is that the temperature went down to around +25C so it has became very nice to work. Started to work on the Python yesterday and its almost is rigged and the Python's tailsection will be soon ready.
More activity on the field yesterday: some other team arrived. Lot of people are looking when we are working...sometimes very poor kids are standing and looking with their parents, I usually give them stickers with our logo and planes. It feels good to make them happy and give them a first good impression of us. We have a relaxed and open contact with the military and the pepole at the airport.
Benny is fantastic! The best technician you can have, always has solution for proplems and is goon in improvising. Nice to have Stenis as well with his experience.
It has been a good day. The rest of the team is leaving Sweden this afternoon: Sus, our CATWALK pilot; Jenny, Emma, Hella wingwalking girls, and my wife Edit who takes care of pretty much everything besides flying ;-) Have a nice flight guys and girls! See you tomorrow!

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