Sunday, 26 September 2010

A complete team

Today the whole team was together again. Unfortunately they brought the rain.

Today it's been raining constantly and the temperature has been just over 20 °C, an amazing change in the the weather this last week.

Since we didn't have a permission from the military or good enough weather we took the opportunity to wash the airplanes. They're shining=) Apparently it's going to rain for two more days. We'll see.

We're getting fuel tomorrow morning at 9 am and if the weather allows it we'll do some test flying otherwise we're hoping to ground run..

We toured the town after dinner. Being a man and letting three women loose in town for cheap shopping is tough but we survived. I have to admit though that we bought tools earlier today and we probably acted the same as the woman did. We bought four screwdrivers, 10 rolls of tape and paint for a total of 60 Yen which equals 60 SEK or about 10USD.

People are very curious and groups of onlookers gathered outside of the store.

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