Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Firework, HOT weather & Resorb

Not everyday you wake up for the sound of a beautiful firework outside your hotel window :-)
It has been a good hard working day. We had a forklift to lift the top wings on the CATWALK. It saved us a lot of time. CATWALK is now complete and we start with Python tomorrow morning. The weather was nice today. A bit colder - only 35 Celsius :-). It is very hard to work in such hot weather. We are looking after each other and remind each other to drink and rest.
Tonight there will be a storm according to weather forecast. We hope it will not damage the CATWALK. It is inside a tent hangar...well...hope the Chinese military can handle it out there.
Today, after dinner we went out to shop some stuff. We have been working for three days now and we have not seen a single person from the West. Everybody is looking at us. In the supermarket 3 childern in my daughter's Felicias age (10 years old) came to shake hands with us. I showed them some pictures of Felicia on my iPhone when I visited her at school last winter....they thought she looked pretty. Without our guide it would be hard moving around..
Every day we eat breakfast 07:15, pick up 08:00, then lunch around 12:3. BNy then you are completely soaked of sweat, so we always take a shower and change underwear, socks and T-shirt before lunch. The we have pick up 14:00 and work until 18:30. Then we take a shower again and change....same proceedure....we drink 1 resorb pill every evening which we got from the Swedish Pharmacy. It helps your body to recover during the night after those really hard working days.

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