Thursday, 23 September 2010

Python is ready to testfly

A good day today.
Very good atmoshere at the airport we like to work together. The Python is fully ready to start and testfly. Start with the Wasp after lunch and top wing is there, flyingwire and I-strut.
We have tuned in our 2 guides about the food so we have excellent food, they take good care of us. Every evening after dinner we take a walk before sleep in the city. Its so many activities and people are eating in the streets at small tabels, children are paiting, playing, skateboarding, etc and older people like 80-90 years old are dancing in big groups at the square in all this. Stenis told our guide Selina that it look very nice that old people could do that and she ask him what older people did in Sweden- we were quite for a few second then Stenis said that they are sitting in a room watching TV...:-)
Tomorrow we will finish the assembly of Wasp. Edit My wife Sus Catwalk pilot Jenny, Hella and Emma wingwalkers will join us tomorrow evening. Looking fwd to that.
Also looking fwd to start fly :)

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