Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Chicken feet and opening the containers

Good morning!

Yesterday we have opened the containers...it has been a hell of a ride in there but everything was ok.... phuuu....we starte to assemble the CATWALK, tailsection as well as lowerwings are now installed. Really hard work because it is over +50 C in the tenthangar....we try to dring 1/5 litre water in every 30 min. Yesterday we have tried two new things which we never done before.

  1. to work in extreeme hot condition
  2. to eat chicken feet in chili for lunch...just a bite.

Benny and Stenis did not dare...they are chickens...hihi...Selina, our local guide explained that chicken feet is a delicacy. I also told her that in Sweden we eat pig feet, but we don’t really like it.

Everyday we have breakfast, lunch and dinner buffé at our hotel. The airshow organizer wants us to eat there so we don’t get sick. He doesn’t take any risk. So everyday it is a suprise what we are going to eat. We are usually served 4-5 disches and we never know what we will get. Selina wanted to have feedback on what we thing about the food so this evening it was delicious with vegetables, meat and very nice soups...

The Chinese food here is not the same as it is in Sweden or in the West generally. I love the real Chinese food here. It is very fresch and very healthy. Today we will finish the CATWALK and start with PYTHON. The airshow airport is very cool. We live in the city and to drive there takes only 10 minutes in citytraffic. It is an old military airport used during the war against Japan - they told us. Today it looks like Barkaby airport in Stockholm, but they have same cars, buses, motorbikes, people walking there etc and it is fully open.

The Chinese military is protecting my aircrafts twentyfourseven. I feel safe so far...a lot of buffalos at the airfild as well. I hope they will remove them before we start to fly. ;-)

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