Saturday, 18 September 2010

My first flight with Air China it was ok. We just landed in Beijing and from here we will fly domestic with Air China to ChongQing within a few hours. I still don't know if we get wireless in the hotel. Hope so.... still don't know where our 2 40ft containers are...:-) they arrived to Shnghai port 3 weeks ago....well they should be at the airport...Now after a couple of international air shows we got some experience to pack the containers....they always suffer lot of violence...we always in the cockpit zero the G-force meter in all the aircrafts, and every time the containers arrives the G meter shows forces around +7 to -5 G! So we always pack as good as we can and with mind that the containers can be placed upside down! However its always heartbeating to open the container doors after a long trip...except the aircrafts we bring around 1000 screws and bolts, spare tires, spare brakes, spare cylinders, spare, spare, spare.....aircrompressor and power plattform running on petrol for 220V, 500L of smoke oil, etc. Lot of tools and special tools has Benny - my mechanic made himself...he is the best :-) So if we can find the containers ;-) we will start to assembly the a/ takes approx. 4,5 days long days depending on the liftingdevice we will get etc...then testflights, tuning and training...Edit my wife, Sus catwalk pilot and the wingwalkers Hella Stening, Jenny Fransson and Emma Alexson will join in 1 week..../Jacob Holländer

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