Sunday, 19 September 2010

Dag 2 - arrival to Liangping

Today we arrived to Liangping, 3 hours drive with bus from ChongQing. Nice surroundings with lot of green small hills. The hotel is very nice too. It has been hot today +39 Celsius. I’m glad we brought 200L W120 aircraft oil which is working well in hot climate.

Now we are only 10 minutes drive between the hotel and the airshow airport. It was an exciting bus trip because in the 2 km long tunnel there was a traffic accident adn we ended up in a huge que inside the tunnel and were moving forward very slowly. It was a total traffic jam. It was no fun either to inhale the exhaust so after appr. 1 hour we could feel the lack of oxygen in the bus. Luckily at the time we could also see th ”light in the tunnel” so everything ended up well. Liangping is a pretty small town with about 1 million people. SInce we come here we have not seen a single person from West and when we took an eveningwalk, a 5 year old boy got so afraid of us that he ran in to his parents’ shoeshop. We stopped and his his parents finally could convince him to come out. After several minutes Benny could shook his hand and the parents explained for our guide Selina that he has never before seen a person from the West. I hope we made a good impression.

Tomorrow we have pickup 8 and heading for the airport. The roads to get here were really bad.

It will be exciting to open the containers!

Today I have tried 2 new things to eat and drink. To lunch I tried spicy snails. They were ok. For dinner we tried a new drink - besides the traditional Chinese beer - a warm peenut juice. I liked it. It was somthing special. Benny on the other hand was not really fond of the new drink :-)

Benny is well prepared for the trip. He has a package of Immodium in his pocket. I hope we do not have to use them.

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