Friday, 24 September 2010

Wasp finished

Today we finished the Wasp so now all the aircrafts are ready for test flight.
The weather is good and the temperature is down to 25-29°C which is perfect.
We had hoped to be airborne tomorrow but the Chinese military could only give us permission for the day after so tomorrow we’ll just ground run.
Today we told our two small 22 year old guides that Sus, the cat walk pilot ( who is so kind and has a really big heart ) will come tomorrow and that he’s a very big, aggressive, angry man and that he eats small Chinese girls for breakfast. They said “It’s impossible”. We’ll see ;) We’re joking a lot with them and have a great time. They are born and raised by farmer parents and they are very down to earth. It’s clear that they have had a very happy childhood because they are so open, friendly and happy. I’m sure the rest of the team will enjoy their company as much as we do.
So it took us five days to complete all.

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