Saturday, 15 October 2011


Air show day no 2 done.   It was a fantastic day, great weather +25 degrees, the sun was shining all day and 10 kt of wind on the runway. Everything went very well.

Our performance felt even better than yesterday. There was no military flight today after the crash yesterday. They are very keen about safety after such an accident.

Today CCTV has been broadcasting LIVE from the cameras we have attached on the tail section of the  CATWALK. It become a real success. Good work from Benny and Stenis who have attached the cameras and connected the cables and working side by side with the CCTV staff.

There was a lot of interviews and photo-shooting today.

Today the air show finished relatively early at 14:00. Tomorrow is the last day of the air show. Everything is prepared. The aircrafts are filled with fuel, engine oil, smoke oil and the batteries are charged. All aircrafts are technically ok. Soon dinner and an early evening. Focus on tomorrow.

SKYCATS in action

SKYCATS having a break

Benny and Stenis - the best technicians
discussing details with CCTV staff

Skycats in the spotlight :-)

Bengt -our wasp pilot being interviewed

My friend and our sponsor

Our planes on promotion materials

Skycat lunch on the field

Stenis - a great technician

End of day - our for some shopping
local delicates 

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