Friday, 14 October 2011


First day of air show. We made a great performance. Good day for us. Unfortunally Chinese military airplane has crashed.  It was a two-crew aircraft called FBC-1. One ejected himself. The other crew is missing. No one was hurt on the ground. The air show is going to be continued tomorrow. Below pictures on us and other performers from today.

Wingwalker Elin Wiens
Elin Wiens training before flight

Wingwalker Hella Sténing

Elin Wiens

Wingwalkers Elin and Hella

Military aircraft crashes - one crew ejected, other missing

WASP pilot Bengt Andersson

Preparations - Sus and myself

CATWALK pilot Sus Jan Hedén

Interviewed by the Chinese CCTV

WASP pilot Bengt "Bengan" Andersson

WASP pilot Bengt

Transformation into Skycat

WASP performance

Wingwalker Hella

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