Thursday, 6 October 2011


Nerve-racking experience this morning when we opened the containers. First we opened the container where we have PYTHON and WASP and checking whether the smoke-oil barrel gone loose. Benny opened the container, and luckily everything was on place. We went over to the other container and opened the doors, and everything was in order there too. Strange...we checked under the smoke oil tank of CATWALK but nothing there neither. I went beack to the PYTHON container and started to look after damages on the aircrafts and all other equipment but couldn't find anything. When I was in the back part of the dark container Benny called on me and wonedred if I have found anything. I have asked him too to doublecheck whether he found anything in the CATWALK container but he confirmed that everything was in order.  What a relief! I have started to loosen all the bands and discovered that one of the was moist. Strange. I have moved the smoke oil tank and discovered that it was totally empty. 208 liter smoke oil has leaked out in the container. We turned the barrel upside down and saw that there was a crack in the bottom. It must have been there already when we loaded the barrel. We have now taken many pictures to document everything. We will contact the supplier of the barrel after we are back in Sweden. Luckily we have another full barrel of smoke oil ;-)
Today it was a very intensive day. We have assembled the tail part of CATWALK. Hope to assemble fully tomorrow until lunch so that we can start assembling PYTHON.
It was a good day. It could have been thousand times worse. Below you can see pictures of the smoke oil barrel and on us assembling the CATWALK. We had a nice sunny day +25 degrees. There are lots of stuff in the hangar so we have chosen to work outside today.

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