Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Day 1 - arriving to Xi'an, China

We have met Jurgis Kairys and his team at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. It was really fun to meet him again. Last time we met was on an air show in Bodö, Norway for several years ago. I have always been interested in Jurgis and his way of flying a SU-31 and JUKA.

After flying from Stockholm to Beijing with Air China we continued our domestic flight to Xi'an with China Eastern. There, we were welcomed by our air show organizer and continued our trip by bus for about one hour to the hotel which is located
outside of Xi'an in Pucheng.

Our nervousness about opening our containers after a long trip on sea is increasing.....but what shell we do? We try to get some sleep and tomorrow we can finally go to the airport....

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