Monday, 17 October 2011


Lovely sunny day, + 25 degrees.
I, Hella, Benny & Stenis went to the air field to continue the packing. Python and Wasp are now in the container. Tomorrow we must be ready with the packing. Bengan, Elin and Sus went for a round tour in Xi'an.

We have even met a new special friend - a little insect in our container. He wanted to have a free ride to Sweden, but we decided that he has it better in China with his family ;-)

Below you find some pictures from today. Click on them to enlarge.

Nudles in different forms - delicious! 
Peter Besenyei's new aircraft

Bye-bye Xi'an for this time

Fast assembling and disassembling
No one would say there was
an air show here yesterday

Sweet little fellow wanted to take
a trip to Sweden in the container

He will stay in China afterall

Pack in, pack out, pack in

Midday rest

Stenis and Hella charging their
batteries in the warm weather

Elin and Sus on their way for Xi'an tour

Our Skycats have many faces ;-)

Sus the Great

The happy crew

Gliding skydivers with
engine on their back

Way back to the hotel

Bengt "Bengan" - our Wasp pilot

Products we love, products we use

iPhone case

Large altimeter wall clock
in aluminium

iPad case

Wall clock

Skycats favorite

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  1. Thanks! It is Edit, Jacob's wife who is taking care of the blog since it is blocked in China. I have translated the Swedish text in a wrong way. Sorry for that.