Wednesday, 5 October 2011


It has been raining here unusually lot in the past two weeks. Apparently the flood has even reached the airport. Despite of the flooding, today it was a nice sunny day and +23 degrees. I hope everything will dry up soon now.

Anyhow it also means that our containers will arrive to the airport only this evening.

Stenis has visited the Terracotta Museum. Benny and I stayed in the hotel, since we have seen the museum before for two years ago. It is a culinary experience to see these soldiers made of clay, built for 2500 years ago.

For now we have been out and visited some mall to buy refreshment to have with us at the airport tomorrow. Found some interesting chips with cucumber taste. It is a must to try. :-)

Chips with cucumber taste
This one is dried mushrooms 
Now in the evening we have though received some disturbing information. They say that smoke oil has been leaking from one of our containers. We have one barrel in each container. 416 liter smoke oil in them.

The driver has apparently discovered the leakage when he was offloading the containers at the airport this evening.

There are three possible scenarios we can think of:

1. For some reason one of the barrels are leaking
2. One of the barrels has gone loose in the container and got damaged
3. Catwalk might be leaking some smoke oil. We usually leave a little smoke oil in the smoke tank.

The worst scenario would be no. 2 ie. if one of the barrels has gone loose during transport and been flying around in the container damaging everything in its way.

The airport is now closed. We have to wait until tomorrow morning. We hope for the best.

iPhone case

wall clock
altimeter clock
iPad case

our favorite mug

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