Monday, 10 October 2011


Today it has begun to rain really heavily. According to the weather forecast it will keep raining for a couple of more days. We'll see.

Wasp is now ready but since it is raining we will wait with the engine start until it stops.

We had a really nice lunch today with the rest of the team in a nice local restaurant. I am always impressed by the fantastic original Chinese food.

This afternoon we had a meeting with the Chinese Television CCTV. They were asking about the possibilities to film us LIVE by installing cameras on Catwalk. This will be the very first time they do so in China.

We have checked their equipment, they were very light and there would be no problem at all to attach them on Catwalk.

Tomorrow we start to work with the project. If they send it live  there will be  approximately 100 million people watching it and another 500 millions when they show it again in the evening.

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