Sunday, 3 October 2010

Disassemble of the aircrafts

Today we have started to disassemble the aicrafts. We started with CATWALK.
Hope to be ready tomorrow evening with all aircrafts.
We had the local speciality for lunch: hot pot. It was very nice. A big pot
with boiling stock where we could put any of the raw served meats
vegetables in and pick them up after being cooked then drop them in sesame

Edit and Jenny started their trip back to Sweden. Tonight they sleep in
ChongQing city to take the early morning flight tomorrow morning to
Beijing. Jenny flies further to Stockholm directly and Edit stays one day
in Beijing to visit the Great Wall. She has been woking very hard in the
hotel room almost every day here in LingPing to set her new company in
Sweden online:

Hope to finish up tomorrow and get a day rest. The whole team needs it.

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