Sunday, 10 October 2010

Python is soon ready, tomorrow we start assembling Wasp

Today it started to rain. It was nice because it cleans the air and for the first time we could see the villages close to the airport and the mountains in the horizon after the rain. During the raining it was so dark even though it was in the middle of the day and we had the hangardoor open we had to use flashlights to work in the hangar, the sun had hard time to penetrate the rain and the smog.
Python is almost ready - tail ,wings and prop is on, a good day.
Tonight we had hotpot at a local restaurant - delicious. Benny is still a bit sick so we visited the local pharmacy to get some cure for the cold he has. He got 3 types of medicine we will see how he feels tomorrow. Emma was also tired so she skipped the dinner. It's intensive days and weeks so it's tuff for everybody.
We got the info that the airspace will open up tomorrow over the airfield for testflights but we finish all the aircraft and start test flights the day after. The plan for tomorrow is to finish Python before lunch and continue with Wasp.
No dancing this evening due to sickness ;)

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