Sunday, 17 October 2010

We ended the 3th day with total sucess!!

I, Sus and the girls have signed hundreds of autographs and the audience were crazy. When I jumped out of Python after display and walked beside the crowd line waving in my parachute to shake hands and take photos with thousands of people I had to move forward all the time because the crowd was breaking the fence. The police trided to hold them back but sometimes it can be a bit to much specially when the children starts to cry because their parents are so excited... We made a huge sucess and I'm so proud of my whole Scandinavian Airshow team...also the one who is back home like Bosse, Mirco, Allan, Mike and my wife Edit who makes this possible, it is so much work and many years of hard work behind this sucess! It's so important to have a great team and the only thing that is better beyond having a great experience is to be able to share it with someone else. We are totally exhausted, but we are all so happy even if all was so tired after the display we managed to disassemble the WASP and its ready to be put into the container tomorrow...

For me it feels that the last 2 years we have learnt so much. I have learnt not to worry about small things when we peforme and I'm so much more relaxed. It might be because I have so good people around me for support and that makes me comfortable and that we are getting a really good experience travling the world for air shows.

Tomorrow is a new day and after dinner same sleep an continue to disassemble the rest of the aircrafts. The plan is to go to Beijing on 20th hope to see the Great Wall and back to Sweden Stockholm the 21th.

The body hurts of lot of G:s but a fantastic day.. Life is great!! :))))

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