Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A crazy day

What a crazy day..we had small technical issus on all aircraft but all of them solved. The other team here have bigger problem since they lose one of there flight cable to the rudder upon landing. Everything went alright. Its racing, things happen.
I flew all Aircraft today it was fun.
Visibilty in the morning was around 1,5 km in smog so we waited to after lunch and it went better so we flew.
The local goverment invited us for dinner this evening at a hotel nearby. It was very nice. Sus landed in Beijing and went by domestic flight here to Xi'an he will join us for breakfast tomorrow morning.
Hope that he can fly 3 practise flights before the 3 air show days start on friday. Everyone is healty (today) and in good spirit :)
Tomorrow the weather should be ok..:)

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