Saturday, 2 October 2010

Closed the final air show day with total success

Today the weather was great. We actually had blue sky! It was an amazing
day with great audience. Alla aircrafts were working as they should.
I started to get pain in my right arm after so many displays in the last
days. Today I was flying more softly to spare the pain.
The audience were crazy about us after the show. We were signing autographs
and taken hundreds of pictures with them. Sometimes the military had to act
since the audience was about to turn over the fence. The organizer is very
happy and our team is also satisfied with the achievement. Today we managed
to take all the pictures and movies we wanted to about our participation.
Now we are on our way to a big banquette.
Tomorrow we continue to disassemble the aircrafts again to send them to the
other air show place Xi'an 15-17 October.

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