Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New project in sight - flying under bridges in China

Not every day after breakfast you are checking out bridges in a city which you are able to fly under :).
Today we have travelled to Xi'an. Unexpectedly we run into our technician Nicklas Amrén at Xi'an airport who will join us now after Stenis is going home tomorrow. We said good bye to our guides Selina and Cherry today in ChongQing since they will not join us on this air show. The whole team will miss them. It's about 160 km from Xi'an to the Pucheng airfield so we went by bus to Yangling and had a excellent dinner and then we went to the hotel which should be around 15 km from the air show field. Hopefully the container will pass this province customs and arrives to the field tomorrow. Once again I hope all the planes survives the trip.

The air in Xi'an is much worse then in Liangping. The visibility today is only around 4km and the temperature is around +22C. When you see the weather you are glad that we don't fly the planes between the shows. First of all you are not allowed to fly in China since there is not an airspace for VFR traffic but also the visibily gives you problems. I think in the future when the airspace will open for general Aviation and VFR-airways and modern GPS moving map will be the solution for cross country.
Today we were once again reminded by the organizer that we made a huge sucess in LiangPing I'm very proud of the whole team. Many times during our trips abroad and during the amazing experiences we have I sometimes wonder what my father Pierre Holländer would have thought about all this. I'm pretty sure that he is really proud of our achievement so far and I let him be in my heart in all our new experience here.

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