Friday, 15 October 2010

250 million expected viewers on CCTV

What a great airshow day for us!

Everything when according to plan! Great weather, blue sky and around +25C. All planes worked perfect! Hella and Emma made a great job as well as the rest of the team. It always feels so safe & good to have Benny, the best technician in the world and whit his experiance on my right hand side he is outstanding. Hella is making a great work to install the cameras on the aircraft! We got really cool film inside the Python as well outside on the wingwalkers on the Catwalk. This evening Hella sends today's film material to CCTV the biggest TV channel in China. They will transmit it via satelite to Bejing this evening and the organizer think that over 250 million people will see it!!!
Made a great sucess with the audiance as well today and the local organizers shook my hand after the day. They were very feels good :)
So 1 day of 3 complete. Benny and Nicklas made the aircraft ready for tomorrow fuel, oil, smoke oil and battery charging..checked that everything stay on place aswell as leaks. It is nice always to be ready as much as possible the day before if times permits. The team are reloading with nice food and a good night sleep and we are doing our best to keep up the good work tomorrow.

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