Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Left LiangPing and heading for ChongQing

Today we left Liangping and heading for ChongQing with bus. We will spend one night there before going with Air China to Xi'an. Nice to complete the packing yesterday even though that it was a long day. It is a little special because the organazier have to clear the containers in the customs even though its in the same country but its between the province.
I just got the message that custom has clear our packing,
Had a nice sightseeing in ChongQing today and we all have been shopping. Nice spicy hotpot ended the evening with the organizer - a great day. Tomorrow morning I will join in a meeting after breakfast then the wingwalkers will continue there shopping :) then lunch at 11:00 o'clock, check out and pick up at 12:30 and go to the AirPort for the flight to Xian. Tomorrow Stenis, my technician will stay here another day then leave for Sweden the day after and a new technician Niklas Amren will join us in Xi'an. Stenis have made a great job here and he fits great in to the Scandinavian airshow team.

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