Monday, 18 October 2010

Soon ready with the dissemble

Well we start to get pretty good in disassembling the aircrafts - it starts to get a routine. Nice to check the aircrafts with critical eyes when dissemble.

We will finish up tomorrow.

Really bad air today 2km visibility in smog…we were reminded how lucky we were during the air show days concerning weather.

Tomorrow Hella is leaving us to fly up to Beijing. She will then join a friend there and travel with the Trans Siberiren railway to Sweden. A 2 weeks trip. Hella has made a great job here as wingwalking chief and team member. We will miss her the last day and whish her all the best on here adventure trip back home.

At the banquet 2 days ago we had a really nice experience. We handed over a big Swedish Dala horse to the mayor of the city. He was singing a song for us for eternity friendship which was very nice...they told us that his brother was the commander in chief for Chinese arm forces so it can be nice to know him if we get in trouble here;)

The chief of the Chinese CAA got one Dala horse to as well as the organizer of the air show.

A few ago I bought a heat plate here which you can use to cook food on however what I did not know was that lots of kitchen stuff was included and I'm not able to bring that home so today we gave all that to the poor family which lives in the hangar in the tent, with a small baby. They were very happy :)

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