Friday, 22 October 2010

Heading Home!

I have got a chinese name - Jakabo :)
Well on My way home to Sweden and its time summerize.
This is without any doubt the best trip I have made, so intense and
So many crazy memories, good flying good old friends and new friends.
The fundamental thing with airshow is safety always know the
aeroplanes limitation but also your own limitation if you don't -you
will die. Ofcourse everything can happen like everything else in life.
I do belive we are really good to give positiv feed back in the team
conserning everything to maintain the standard and make thinks better.
We are joking alot and we try to do that all the time we are working
hard it makes it so much easier.
Our mission here was to entertain people but also I felt that we
were representing Sweden and my company in the field of aviation so we
had an importen roll to be very proffessinol.
When doing airshows and specially abroad like China you need to be
very patience, have understanding and try to understand and listen and
have an open heart..take time to talk with fans is importen even
though you are so tired you must put up with a smile in your face, I
tried when I shook hands with fans I always look in there eyes to give
them and me a splitsecond of a moment, we tried to make all people
around us happy and I'm shore we had à great success with that, and
that's most importen.

I have been flying since I was borned and I can still remeber when I
was around 9 years old and my father woke me up early sundays mornings
and driving with car out to Stockholm Arlanda were his first airshow
aeroplane a Pitts S2A SE-GTX was based and we flew- me in front seat
and daddy in aft seat, to diffrent airshow like Silver Hill in Klippan
Everytime when we arrived we made some basic aerobatic over Silver
Hill before landing and If I had not eat breakfast I always throw up
after landing :).
On the return flight I always had the chance to practise rolls and if
they were ok My father was scratching From the aft seat with his feet
on the side of my body..:) it felt good.
Without him we have never been were we are today.

It feel great to come home.
So what is next?
Well we will see ;) hope you enjoy my blogg and you are able to follow
me on the next adventure.


Benny- U rule!
Hella- Hey Gopro girl;)-good work!
Emma-good work LL;)
Jenny-sticker pro ;)good work!
Lisa- blogg & FB girl..thanks! Good work!
Stenis- good work! No batterie No fuel lets try to start the engine
again ;)
Nicklas-good work! Nice to let me know you.
Sus- good work! see U in the ditch! ;)
Edit- always there on my right side to make it right..x. ;)

Catwalk- My handsome tractor;)
Wasp- Still a beuty. And wonderfull and smoth to fly.
Python- Friends even though you rape me everytime we fly ;)

"Remeber that all pilot can fly fast but but not all pilot can fly slow"
Garbor Varga

Over and out From me and the Scandinavian airshow team this time.


Airshowpilot Jacob Holländer

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