Tuesday, 12 October 2010

WASP and PYTHON tetst flown today

Wasp and Python is test flown and of course when we arrived at the airport a light rain begun at continued for the whole day :) The Wasp (Pitts S2B) always feels so easy to operate its like a Cessna.

The Python is more like a wild horse.

The Aircraft feels in weight like a ultra light with a 260cm 3blade propeller with 420hp I Love the Python when we are friends.

The military gave us a height of maximum 300ft or 100m AGL in height! and 1.5 km of radius around the airfield the visibility was 2000m in light rain, but cloud base was high- I just stayed right over the airfield hard condition for test flight but it worked ok. During takeoff I'm trying to feel if the Aircraft is balance in all controls, if you find something dramatic during roll or just airborne you must take a quick decision to abort or continue the flight.

I didn't take to much attention on the engine since we have not touched anything on them between the dissemble and assemble prio one for me is flight controls. I'm looking at all the wires and try to ser any abnormality like vibration also during pushing G's + and -.

I'm very mentally prepared and I shouldn’t hesitate to bail out if I’m not happy. I think that's My flight mode is to not in any way be connected mentally with My Aircrafts they are just machines who hates me because i'm pushing them a bit ;) The day was good and tomorrow we continue test flights and training.

Hella was much better today Emma to. Benny is smiling and talking again so he is ok to. So now its Nicklas turn he has problems with his stomach now when we arrived to the hotel, well we are well prepared with Imodium. Hope he will be better tomorrow.

I'm a bit proud of myself since we arrived to China I have only been using chopstick to eat with :) it actually feels a bit hard to think about using fork and knife. It is funny how you adapt quickly. A good thing when you eat with chopstick I think is that you eat a bit slower.


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