Thursday, 7 October 2010

In Xi'an

The wingwalking girls and Niklas went back to Xian with our private bus and driver to visit the Terra-cotta warriors museum today. Me and Benny decided to stay here in Pucheng to reload our batteries since we have been at the museum before. After breakfast we went out for a walk in this small city.
This is the farmers town and land, around here they are growing corn. One of the problems except the industry are that they are burning the blast and what they do not need on the corn plant and it gets the air so dirty, when walking outside everything gets dirty and you can feel the pollution in your eyes & lungs.
They are bulding new complex houses everywhere.
But there is also a lot of poor people and very old houses maybe very typical China to have that mix in this developing country.
People are very friendly here, often when you start to talk with somebody in english they answer in one word in English but then continue talking slowly on Chinese it feels like they have a hard time to understand that you are not able to speak Chinese maybe since they have never been talking to a foreigner before. I don't have any problem to communicate with body language and hands so often there is no problem - the only thing you need is to be patient.
Since we arrived here we have not seen one person from the west so when we were walking on the street many people wanted to take photos of us.
The food here is much milder than the hot pot and spicy food in ChongQing me and Benny had a delicious lunch at the hotel.
Well hope to start open the containers and working on the planes tomorrow, hope to be able to assembly them in 5 days then 2 days of flight test and training before the show.
Despite the smog the weather is nice today around +25C.
Just outside the hotel there are a big square were hundreds of people are dancing from 19:00-22:00. The music is very melodic chines popmusic. You dance in a scematic in groups and its trained steps. Some of the dancer are pretty good and some is just there to move around a bit. I and Benny shook hands that we will start to dance there every day after dinner the goal is to learn the steps :)

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