Monday, 11 October 2010

Soya juice, recycling and tuff Benny

One thing which I try to get use to is the breakfast at this hotel - it's very pure Chinese breakfast, the only thing which are familiar from the west is the egg. I try to learn to drink a kind of warm soya juice - what we think it is - "it's diffrent" but it starts to get ok.
I have forgot to tell you about the hangar we work in at the airport. This hangar is brand new. It was build last year. At the moment we are 2 teams in the hangar; one on each side and in the middle there is a family living with a child about 1 years old and a few workers. They sleep in home made tents in the hangar. The last days have been Chinese national holiday and they have spent there time smoking, playing card and watching TV in the hangar. We think that they think its ok that we are building aircraft in their home :). You should now that in China lives more than 1,3 billion people! and here its luxury to have your own room to live and sleep in.
Around the airport the goverment has built lots of new asphalt roads however it's farmerland and people is groving corn, and when you harvest the corn you must dry it and what is the most suitable place to dry if not on warm asfalt so the result is that you can see miles after miles of corn in the streets and only one lain is open which makes the traffic even harder.
And sometimes when it gets to much traffic the busdriver has to drive in the corn which I guess its not very popular however yesterday the roads were clean due to the rain.

Benny didn't show up for breakfast this morning and we all get worried. The whole team decided to knock on his door around 8 when we were supose to leave for airport but nobody opened. I decided to run down to the reception and there he was waiting for us un the soffa, Benny is tuff.
We completed the Python and Wasp today so test flights will begin after 10:00 tomorrow.
Emma is better today but Hella has problem with her stomach. She joined us at dinner hope she will be better tomorrow.
It has been hard days to complete 3 planes in 4 days.
Tomorrow i need to change from mechanic mode to flight mode. Always a special feeling to test fly the planes you have been part of putting together.
We have a rutine that when you have complete a section on the aircraft another person check that you have not forgot something its very easy when you start to get tired.
It works good.
Sus is in Sweden but he Will trawell back to china tomorrow, so I will test fly the Catwalk as well.
Emma which is a friend of the enviroment have a hard time here sometimes. In Sweden she recycles as many Swede does, here its diffrent like today when she Said to our organizer that we had some trash, plactic bags, glasbottles plastic bottles food etc, the organizer Said to the mom who are living in the the hangar to help us with that. What happened was that the mom toke the trash picked it up went outside and trough it down in the ditch and Water just outside the hangar. Emma was in chock for several hours...
I explaine that for many people in the world its more importen to just survive the day then to recycle.

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