Saturday, 16 October 2010

2nd say of air show in Xi'an is done- all went great

Early pick up and police escort in the bus from the hotel to the airport.
What a beutyful day. Blue sky! Everything went great! The organizer extended the flight time to 15min on each airplane. My Python display is 9:30 sec so I had to adapt. Put 20L of extra fuel and after take off I made a stading 8 up to 3000ft with smoke and then just played around on altitude with low G max +4,5G until my fuel was down on calculated display fuel and then I started my routine. I felt a bit tired in my body today so I did not push to much G +8 -5. It use to be +9 -6. I put focus to make same manoverus as good as I could like 45 degree knifedge climbing and the tailslide..the hover vent very well. All aircrafts works great!
This evening the local goverment is inviting us on a banqet..we usually have banquette the last day but well so be it.
Hella has been working really hard today not just to take care of here roll as wingwalker and Skycat but also to get the best picture with the cameras..lot of photos today with the audiance. They love to take photos on us and Sus is great! He plays with the children police and the chinise military in a good matter..:)
Well last day tomorrow and its important to stay in focus.

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