Friday, 1 October 2010

Great success - air show day No 2

Today started with heavy rain. We went to the airport 08:30 and prepared
all three aircrafts. It was raining heavily so we got back to the hotel for
lunch. Despite of the rain, thousands of people gathered at the airport to
watch the show. After lunch we went back to the airport and 14:00 pm the
air show started. The rain was lighter so we could start flying. Sus with
the Skycats made a great performance and improvised show due to the weather
conditions. I flew WASP and as the last performance for the day I have flew
Python too.
There was drizzle in the air and the visibility was 5 km, scattered clouds
at 400ft AGL and overcast at 3000 AGL. No horizon so it was challenging to
fly. During take off I was tuning the mixture and since we were expected to
fly for 15 minutes (normally 9 minutes) I have planned to fly softly during
the first part of the performance just to tune in the aircraft and check
all system. It also gave me the chance to study the weather conditions
which helped me planning my display program in the second half of the
remaining time. Python flew excellent. Half time I have started my display
program which ended in the hovering.

Python made a huge success!

I am very happy and relieved.
Tomorrow is the last air show day here in LiangPing. We expect better
weather according to the weather forecast. Reloading with dinner this
evening with the Scandinavian Airshow team and continue the good work


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