Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Good bye to the Chinese family who lives in the hangar used.....

Yesterday, when we were about the leave the hangar we decided to give the poor family some money since we have been in there home "hangar" for so many days and also because they are so poor and we wanted all the best for their 6 month old baby..Chinese people don't take money as a gift very easy so I gave the grandmother the money and pointed on the baby and showed that the money was for the little boy to buy food and clothes for.
The baby's father came and was very touched...he had tears in his eyes and gave us all a hug..We think we helped them a lot.
Well, we are tired but happy, mission is completed and today is a new exciting day..we had early pickup at the hotel 04:20 and flew from Xi'an to Bejing to visit the Great Wall. Write you more after the visit....

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